the Etter Clan

As you read our posts, you’ll probably notice that we are not the ordinary all-American family.  We live in China (most of the time) along with our four beautiful daughters and we are in the process of adopting 2 precious little ones from Ethiopia.

My kids are growing up as the minority.  Of course, English is the common language spoken in our home, but not on the streets or in the markets.  We’re all trying to learn both Chinese and Korean.  Sometimes I think it would be easier to build a colony on Mars.

We homeschool, yes, even with one in high school.  And, I love it!  I can’t imagine someone else getting see their faces light up when they learn something new.  It’s not always perfect and my poor children have to suffer through my teaching them, but it is worth it for us.

Our life is one intertwined with many different cultures and ideas.  We feel blessed to call so many from other nations our friends.  The world that we live in isn’t always easy and comfortable.  Yes, there are times when we don’t have electricity and spend the evening telling stories by candlelight.  There are days when we have no water and the laundry piles up.  There are moments of frustration when I can’t communicate my thoughts to the person sitting next to me.  And, I admit that sometimes, I get frustrated by the cultural “boxes” that make no sense to me. Then there are always the cravings for Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Blue Bell ice-cream.

But there are also those moments that happen, just often enough, to remind us that we are where we need to be and doing what we need to be doing.  Like the time I came into the room and my daughter was explaining the story of Daniel (in Chinese) to our local friend and that friend asked to hear more.  Or the time we went to a home for the elderly and my youngest sat holding the hands of those precious ladies and talked to them.  Or when our neighbor invites us to her home to share a meal just because she wants to get to know us.

I have heard some romanticize our life here. Not to discourage anyone, but our life isn’t one, big, exciting adventure after another.  I still have the laundry, the dirty dishes, the tired and cranky kids.  Yes, our life is exciting.  Yes, it is full of adventure.  But that excitement and adventure comes from living our life everyday according to the plan and design that our  Heavenly Father has laid out for us, not by changing our location or station in life.  He has called each of us to our own adventure.  How’s yours coming?


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4 Responses to the Etter Clan

  1. Bill and Georgia says:

    Georgia says sound pretty normal to her. Ours is coming along rather well.


  2. Kim Hanley says:

    Great blog, I enjoyed reading, do you not have any Reeses cups over there?


  3. Mom Etter says:

    Love the newsy letter – fun being able to click in to find out what you’re all up to. Good Job!!


  4. Marty Hughes says:

    Thank you so much for opening your hearts and home to a quirky, loud, funny, spontaneous girl with a heart for God and giving her the opportunity of a lifetime to get away from the static of American life and hear the voice of her Father. I will always be grateful.


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