Waiting Again

A few weeks ago, our adoption coordinator asked if we would be interested in adopting 2 unrelated children.  We weren’t really sure what to say.  We really wanted to adopt siblings because so many times they are overlooked by those only wanting one child.  Our mind was so focused in one direction that we never really considered unrelated children as an option for us.

Adoption isn’t about us getting the kids we think we need, but about our Father giving us the children that He wants us to have.  The idea of choosing just two little ones out of all the children that need families is more than a little overwhelming.  When I was pregnant, there was no question.  The child growing in me was the one that I was going to call my own, raise, love, and cherish.  But adoption is different.  How would we know which children to say “yes” to?  Knowing that saying “yes” to one means saying “no” to another, my heart ached to know what to do.

I am thankful for the children He has given me and my faith has grown with each child.  I have learned that my  Heavenly Father knows how to be a better parent than me.  I am learning that He can and will take care of my children.  It is with that same faith that I trust Him to bring additional blessings into my life.

We spent time praying and asked our friends to join us in seeking the right direction from our Father.   As a family,  we felt peace in the decision to move forward and accept these two children.  A boy and a girl, both 3.  Excitement has filled our house since then.

In Ethiopia, once you accept a referral, that child is moved to a foster care center.  The adopting parents pay for the children to receive care in this new environment until they pass court and can travel to pick up their children. If the adoption is halted, the children return to the orphanage.

We have been waiting for two weeks to hear that our children were moved into their temporary foster home and to get details (pictures, medical info, any known history) on them.  Everyday my girls ask, “Did we get any news?”  Friends email, call, or ask in passing, “Any news?”  I am constantly checking our email wondering when I will hear something.

Most people aren’t prepared for the ups and downs of adoption, especially the waiting and the uncertainty that comes with each one.  With each delay, I wonder if there is a problem.  If so, I wonder how I will share the news with my girls and with friends.

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