Kids’ perspective

We are reading Cheaper by the Dozen.
In the book the dad insists that his children jump to a higher
grade in public school. Last night, Alia said, “I know why
his kids are able to skip so many grades. It’s because their
dad homeschools them.” In the book, the father, Mr. Gilbreth, plays
multiplication games with the children at dinner, teaches them
morse code by painting on the walls, teaches them astronomy by
buying a telescope and pasting charts all over the house, and
teaches them a foreign language by insisting that phonograph
language records are played every morning. He even teaches
them sailing by buying a boat. Sounds like a great way to teach
kids. Incorporate life and learning together. Incidently, the
book is co-authored by 2 of the 12 children.

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One Response to Kids’ perspective

  1. thomasbarnes says:

    Cute! Love, love, love homeschooling…it’s really life!



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