Names of Sand


Charleston will probably always be one of our favorite places.  The beach, the history, the boats, the houses, the shops…did I mention the beach?

We hit the beach just before sunset.   I took off my shoes and waited for my body to adjust to the shock of the cold, wet sand. It was mid-November.   Charis and Alia rolled up their pants and begged to run through the water.  “Sure, just don’t get too wet.”  Who was I kidding?  What child can not get too wet playing in the waves at the beach?  We seldom get to the beach and I wanted them to enjoy their time. Even if the water was too cold for me, I knew they wouldn’t mind.

As the sun sank, we walked along the sand writing our names again and again. On top of the very place, I have no doubt,  that thousands of others have written names erased by water, wind, and time.  What is it that makes us want to see our names stand out boldly from the rest?

We started out writing our names near the water, but within moments they disappeared under the waves. And no matter how fast we wrote, the waves eventually overtook our words.  So we moved to slightly higher ground.  With some luck, our names might stay for a day or two barring dogs and children trampling them. Even so the wind and the rain would eventually erase them from memory.  But for now, we saw our names big and beautiful in the sand.

Thankfully, there is a place where my name is written and it will never be erased.  It wasn’t written by me, but by the One who rescued me for all eternity.  How loving and merciful my Father is to send His Son so that I might live.

I want to strive to have an eternal focus.  I want to learn to live my life with eternity always in view.  That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy simple pleasures, but I want my energy to be spent on something that will last.  Time invested in real people with real struggles and making myself vulnerable to others so they can see the real me learning to live in the real world by the strength given me by my Father.

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