Long Overdue Update

We came back to the states in September, expecting to complete our adoption of K and J before Christmas.  That didn’t happen.  As a matter of fact, nothing happened like we had planned.  Seems like our Father is constantly teaching me to trust in His plan and not rely on my own understanding.

Our agency realized that they would be unable to help us (and other families in their Ethiopia program) complete our adoption.  So, another agency has graciously accepted all of us as clients.  We spent November and December redoing/updating paperwork and finally it is all in, again.

Now, we are once again waiting for a court date.

The bad news, we now have to make two trips to Ethiopia which means more expense.  The good news, this agency has people traveling all the time and we are able to get photos/updates frequently.  K has started learning English in their on-site Kindergarten/preschool.  J has started walking and is already started potty training.  (He just turned 1 in September.)  I can’t wait to show you how beautiful they both are. As soon as we pass court, I will have their pictures up here for all to see.

We have resisted the urge to purchase much for K and J since we were unsure of when they would be arriving, but now we are looking around and realizing that there are some things we need to get.  Carseats, and umbrella stroller, port-a-crib, clothes, etc. Since our youngest is 9 now, I’m sure there is a lot that I have forgotten. 🙂

I am so ready to travel and meet them, but I am anxious also.  I wonder how they will respond to us.  How much time will it take for them to learn to trust us as Mom and Dad?  Questions float around in my mind constantly.  I am sure that my Father will give us the wisdom that we need to be the parents that K and J need.

PS – For those curious about the picture, it is dora wat and other Ethiopian foods sitting on top of their famous injera.  Thanks Ole for teaching how to eat this wonderful food.

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