Adoption Fundraising – Want to help?

Adoption is expensive. We understood that from the beginning.  Many families choose not to adopt because they can’t imagine being able to afford the cost.  We do not just buy a plane ticket and head over.  We have to pay for loads of paperwork to be processed.  This includes paying for notaries, authenticating/apostilling, translation, fingerprinting fees, background check fees, social worker fees (all of this for two different countries).  That doesn’t include the cost to feed, clothe, and care for our children while they are waiting for us, not mention medical tests and check-ups.

Just like us, people are looking to various fundraisers to help with the initial cost of bringing their children home. We are working with a Christian owned and operated coffee shop that wants to help support adoptive families.  For every bag of coffee you buy (through the link below) we get $5.00 donated towards our adoption.

We are excited about bringing K and J home and now you can actively help.

Here’s the link:

You can also donate via PayPal by clicking on this “Donate” button.

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