Weather Woes and Joys

Snow seems to be following us this year.  We have had freezing rain, snow, and ice at every stop this winter.  It is beautiful but I would like it more if we aren’t traveling through it.  And I have to admit that I have been freezing this winter.  What is up with that?

The cold hasn’t kept us from having fun, though.  The girls have enjoyed building snowmen and having snowball fights.   They’ve chased each other around and just enjoyed the snow falling on their heads.

Everywhere we go people say, “I thought you would be used to this weather.” We are used to freezing weather but there are some important differences between our winter experiences in Yanji and the states.

First of all, in Yanji, we dress for cold.  That means we wear warm long-johns, lined pants, thick socks, shoes that keep our feet dry, gloves, scarves, and anything else we think we might need to stay warm.  Not only do all these items take up an enormous amount of space when you are traveling, but American houses, businesses, and cars are so warm that you would suffocate if you put on all those layers.  In China, we dress to be outside in the cold. We layer and we are comfortable.  In the states, we dress to run from house to car and car to store.

Second, and probably most important, in Yanji, we have under the floor heat.  My toes are almost always warm. I never realized how much I loved andol heating.  Thank you, thank you to that wise Korean who invented their wonderful heating system.  I am totally spoiled.

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