Funny MK Song

As we were driving up and down the east coast this fall, the girls started singing.  If you know my girls, you know that is not unusual.  What was unique about this song was the girls were making it up as they went along.  Finally, Rachel whipped out pen and paper so they could remember the best lines.  The following is sung to the VeggieTales tune, “We are the Pirates Who don’t do Anything.”

We are the MKs who don’t do anything
We just sit around inside the van
Listening to music and Rush Limbaugh
As we travel. . .across America
Well we’ve…
Never had a cell phone and we don’t like wearing seatbelts
Cause we never wear them back home, where we live in China
And we don’t like eating fast food, cause it puts us in a bad mood
And we hope to get to Boston in the fall.

There are several more cute verses but you get the idea.  Nothing spiritual just fun and strange things happenings in the life of an MK.

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