Always Waiting on Something

Many people have written and asked about our adoption.  I kept waiting to give a report because first, there isn’t a lot to report and second, it is hard to write, “We are still waiting.”

It seems like all we ever do is wait.  Our embassy and Ethiopia are constantly changing the rules of what is needed.  Even though it is frustrating to me, I know they are trying to reduce the chances that a child would be stolen or bought from relatives.  Unethical adoptions go on all over the world and I do applaud those countries that are earnest in their efforts to stop it.

Now, we are waiting on a death certificate.  Sounds simple enough except that apparently it not customary for the country to issue any document when a person dies.  So. . .we wait.

As soon as some document resembling a death certificate is obtained, we can go to Ethiopia, meet K and J, and be seen in court.   Would you please pray that all needed documents will arrive soon?

Thank you so much to all of you who have supported us through giving and with your prayers. You have encouraged us more than we could ever express.  Looking forward to sharing a more positive update soon.

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