David helped Rachel with all her dissecting projects this time around.  No, not because I’m squeamish but because I needed a break. (And I secretly enjoyed observing the two of them at work rather than teaching.)


This is the first time the other girls have not joined in and they were more than a little upset with the idea of watching rather than helping.  (Actually, I think Charis would be ok watching someone else do the dissection when it comes time for her to take Biology.)   It was cute watching the girls huddle around Rachel waiting to see something exciting.  An earthworm, a perch, a crayfish, and a frog all went under the knife with Rachel at the helm.


Alia had way too much fun investigating each little critter.  Rachel’s thoughts? “It was fun, but I’m glad it’s over.  The frog smelled when we cut into it.  And you might want to watch out for those egg sacks.”

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