It’s All about Love

About 12 years ago, all the Etter girls woke up to a wonderful Valentine Day surprise.  David bought all the girls small bouquets and candy (mine was supersized, of course) and had spread them beautifully across the table.  Thus began a family tradition.

He still stays up late to set out treasures for us to find on Valentine’s Day morning.  The new twist is that the girls try to sneak His cards on the table before he gets up.

I love flowers.  Fresh, wild flowers, all mixed together, are my favorite.  Since we are on the road, David decided to buy me flowers before Valentines day so I could enjoy them longer.   They are still beautiful and it looks like they may last until we leave Colorado next Wednesday.  He also gave me a mug filled with raspberry truffles and chocolate-covered cherries.  Yummy!

So I just had to brag on the very, awesome man that God gave me.  I love you just because you are you.


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