Something’s Happening

“Mom,” Torie yelled through the door.  “Dad’s on the phone and wants to talk to you.”

“Ask Him if I can call him back,” I said from the other side of the door, my hair still dripping wet from the shower.

She relayed the message and called back to me, “He says to check your email before calling.”

My mind exploded.  Something’s happening with the adoption.  That’s the only reason he would want me to check my email.  Something good must have happened or else he would have wanted to talk to me first.  Maybe we got the paperwork we were waiting on.

My thoughts were coming fast.  It seemed forever before I was able to look at my email.  But there it was, an email from our adoption agency letting us know that our case had been filed in the Ethiopian courts on Wednesday.  Wednesday?  That’s two days ago.  This is better news than I thought.

I read on. It seems that we will be traveling to Ethiopia to meet K and J and go to court in April.  Yippee!  I am doing the happy dance!

So now, we are waiting on the Ethiopian courts to set a date.  The next prayer request is for all paperwork to be in order for the court to make a declaration that K and J are ours.  There are often missing documents and parents-to-be travel home without hearing the decree from the judge.  It just means more wait time for those families, not an extra trip.

If the paperwork is complete, the judge offers his decree, and then we fly home to wait for the US embassy to get the paperwork from the Ethiopian courts.  Once the Embassy has everything, they will set a date for us to interview with them.  That will be our second trip and the time we will bring K and J home.

Once K and J are with us, we still have to get their US passports and Chinese visas before we can take them to China with us.  We aren’t sure how any of this is going to play out time-wise for us.   Will we all return to China or will some of us wait in the states?  Those are questions that seem to have no answers at this time.  We are praying and we know that our Father does all things well.  We are waiting for His direction.

For now, we are excited that something is happening in our adoption.  It is moving forward and in about a month or a little longer, we will finally meet K and J face to face.

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