Our Trip to “Radiator Springs”, Utah

It would be a great idea if every family took a road trip across the great land we call the United States.  There are so many amazing places to see and interesting people to meet.  Plus, you will build great family memories and learn a lot of lessons in flexibility.

We left Colorado and traveled west on I-70 going through the mountains.  The views were amazing and we stopped several times along the way just to get a closer look.

As we passed through into Utah, David realized that we might have a problem with the van.  We decided we needed to stop and have someone check out the radiator.  So, we pulled off the interstate and drove into a dying little town that the kids dubbed ‘Radiator Springs.’ (Because 1. it reminded them of the little town in the movie ‘Cars’ and 2. we were having radiator trouble.)

Actually, the town was named Green River although we never saw a sign of any river.  The motley collection of empty buildings, many of them near ruin, created images of a once lively town.  The town seemed to have more in common with the tumbleweed rolling across the streets than any other town we had been through.

We dropped the car off and walked down the road to a local restaurant.  It was and old-style diner complete with spinning chairs at the counter.  The woman greeted us in Spanish and we quickly realized that she spoke no English.

We ordered coffee, cokes, and a couple of super, yummy tostadas (the real thing).  Then we sat down and talked with the owner for the next hour.  So. . .I didn’t actually do much talking.  I left that to David, but I did understand more than I expected.

We found out the owner has only lived in the states 2 years.  There are no spanish-speaking churches in the area, but the is a large mormon influence.  As a matter of fact, the lady assumed that we were mormon missionaries because we spoke more than one language.  She told us that her highschool son had joined a mormon group and was preparing, even now, for his two-year mission.  The time her son spends learning languages, doctrine, and culture puts us to shame.

The woman was shocked to learn that we own a restaurant in China.  She thought it was really funny that we make fajitas and quesadillas in Asia.  Imagine a white American telling a Mexican restaurant owner that we make Mexican food in China.

So, our trip to ‘Radiator Springs’ turned out to be a really good thing.  We got to explore a small town that would have never made it to our places-to-see list and we got to learn some about the culture of the area.


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