Changes in Policy

International adoption is constantly changing.  Foreign countries want their children to be safe.  I understand that and I agree that adoptions should be ethical.

Last spring, in an effort to solve some adoption problems, Ethiopia began requiring all perspective parents to make two trips.  On the first trip, the parents meet their child and appear before an Ethiopian judge.  The second trip the parents appear with their child before the US Embassy and then are able to return home with their child.

Now, there is change in the air again.  The US Embassy issued a statement that Ethiopian adoptions might be slowed by 90% as a result of these new changes.  Whoa!  That is huge!  Those most affected are those just beginning the process, but it will also mean a longer wait time between trips.  The government office that prepares the paperwork for court is cutting down the number of cases it will view in a day.

The really sad part is the millions of orphans in Ethiopia who will be hurt.  Yes, there is a problem with unethical adoptions and we should do all we can to correct that problem, but so many children will be left on the streets as a result of this decision.

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