Ethiopia, Here We Come!

We are so excited.  Finally, after seeing their faces through pictures for a year, we will meet K and J face to face!   There are so many emotions bouncing around inside of me right now, but happiness is definitely the one that keeps coming out on top.

A few weeks ago, I received a wonderful email from a woman I’ve never met.  Her a adoption story is very similar to our own and she is adopting one of K’s best friends.  She traveled to Addis and spent a lot of time with K (while visiting her own daughter-to-be).  She sent me amazing pictures and great insight into K’s personality.  I’m so glad she got to love on my kids and now it is my turn.

It is has been such a long journey that it still doesn’t seem real.  I am sure that when I am buckled into my seat on an airplane April 24 reality will hit.

We are asking our Father to bless our time in Ethiopia and help us to connect with K and J.  Our time there will be divided.  We will, of course, visit K and J, but we don’t want to destroy their schedule (and life in an orphanage is very scheduled-it has to be).  During nap times, we will go on tours to learn about the culture and history of Ethiopia.  We will appear before the judge and answer questions about why we chose Ethiopia.  And I will journal, everything.

Meanwhile, our girls will be hanging out with Grandma and Granddaddy in Mississippi.  Asking for this to time together to be an encouragement to all and that they will create lots of fun memories.

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