Why Good Friday is Good

Last year, we had a friend come to our house.  The girls and I were very excited about our celebration and we were really glad our friend could join us.  Our friend, X, sensed our excitement and immediately asked if it was a special day.  I told her it was indeed a special day named, Good Friday.

Now X loves to learn, especially things dealing with American “culture.”

“Good Friday sounds like fun.  Tell me about it,” X said with a smile.

“It is the day Jesus died,” was the simple explanation one of my girls gave.

As I watched, X’s face went from excitement to confusion.

“Why would you want to celebrate something so sad?” X asked.

“We celebrate, because we know what happens on Sunday.”  I replied.

This was the start of an all day conversation with X.  She had never before heard the wonderful story of the resurrection.

X was right about one thing.  If Jesus had died on Friday and that was the end, it would indeed be sad.  Death was never the ending point in God’s plan.  It was just the road that had to be taken for the resurrection to occur.  That is why we join with believers around the world and say:

Christ is Risen!

He is Risen, indeed!

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