A Short Update

First of all, thank you so much for the many, many prayers offered on our behalf.  I wish I was able to really express the gratitude in my heart better.  Please know that your prayers sustained us through so much. We leave on the 17th to head back to China.  Everyone is is excited to get back, but it is always hard to say good-bye.  The next week will be full of up and down emotions.

The last few days, since our return, have been a whirlwind.  We returned home on Wednesday, after 3 days of flying, missing flights, waiting in airports, and more flying.  I’ve still been a little bit under the weather from the mysterious sickness that knocked me down flat while we were on our trip. A family reunion, goodbyes to nieces and nephews, and more family visits have kept us busy since we touched down.

As promised, I have lots of journaled material to add to this blog.  I will try to get it all up by next week, if the internet is cooperative.  🙂  (My parents and grandparents live in one of the only places in the states without reliable internet.)

It truly was an amazing time of meeting K and J.  They are beautiful and full of personality.  We had court on Friday, but haven’t heard the results yet.  Our agency had their servers updated and they just got them back up and working again.  So hopefully, we will hear news of what happened at court this Monday.  If we didn’t pass, that means there was a paper missing from our file.  (Probably one that an office in Ethiopia is supposed to fill out.)  Unfortunately, this is pretty common.  I’ll keep you posted.

The pictures below are some local kids that wanted their pictures taken.  We would leave the  guesthouse and were immediately bombarded by kids. “Candy? Candy? Money? Money?” was the constant chant. We decided to wait until the last day to pass out the candy we had brought to share with them.  As we pulled out the lollipops, the children multiplied and seemed to come from everywhere.


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