When we left, I mentioned 6 specific requests.  Asking doesn’t guarantee the answer I want (or think I want), but it does guarantee an answer.  God is always good and I just want to share a few ways He revealed His faithfulness to us through the answers to our requests.

  1. As most of you know, tornadoes swept through the southeast while we were gone.  My mom has an amazing photo of a tornado forming and just touching down behind a field that borders their home.  The girls now know what to do during a tornado.  Thankfully, my mom was home and able to get them to safety and keep them calm.  They all seemed to have a great time together and built some wonderful memories.
  2. The letter to K and J’s mom is mostly written.  God just provided the words that we needed to say. I know they came from Him because we couldn’t come up with anything. We will be meeting with their mom on the next trip (our choice). Now we have to come up with questions that our kids might want the answers to later on.  Any suggestions are welcome.
  3. Our time together with K and J was sweet, at least on our part.  J cried a lot, especially if David got too close.  K wanted to be in my arms the whole time.  The only time it was ok for me to put her down was if I was picking up J. We got a glimpse of their personalities and we love what we saw.
  4. We met with the judge and it was a positive experience.  She asked us how our biological children feel about our adoption and about 6 or 8 yes or no questions and then we were finished. While we were there, we learned that our official court date was the following Friday (just after our return to the states).  No, we haven’t heard anything yet.  Still waiting.
  5. Rested is not the word I would use to described us when we arrived back at my parents.  Every flight seemed to be late.  We arrived at the airport in Addis, Monday at 11am (CST) and arrived at my parent’s home at 1 pm (CST) on Wednesday, minus our checked luggage (it was delivered the next day).  Yes, it was a very, very long trip home.  One good thing, we had no jet lag going or coming (probably because we were so tired, sleep came easy at night).
  6. Everything we took to the orphanage arrived with no problem.  Several other families that were in Addis at the same time, were missing suitcases.

If you compare this list with my request list, you’ll notice that not all happened the way I hoped it would.  But, there is no doubt in my mind that it all happened exactly the way my Father desired it to happen.

Beyond these answers, God has been teaching me that I may not ever understand the reasons for some things.  I may never get “human” answers to my questions, but God has been reaffirming in my heart that He is control and that He does all things well.

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