Yes, we are off again, but this time it is by train.  Rachel is scheduled to take the SAT on Saturday and we are scheduled to shop for Gina’s and for us (big smile).  This will be David and the girls first time in Shenyang and only their second time on an overnight train.

We get on the train Thursday night (we will be brown-bagging it) and off Friday morning, just in time for breakfast at MacDonalds.  We already told the girls, “We are shopping all day Friday, so only take what you want to carry on your back all day.”  After breakfast we will head directly to the shopping areas.  No chance to drop off bags/luggage.

The plan is to spend the night with friends Friday night so Rachel will be well rested for her test.   Then it is back to the train station Saturday night with the hopes of getting home in time to fellowship Sunday am.

Call me crazy, but I’m excited about our busy, little get-away.

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