After 8 months on the road, we were all happy to return home.  Back to the life we know and love. But, life isn’t stagnant.  When you are gone for a period of time, you return to a different place. Life has gone on while you were away.  People move in, others leave.  New relationships are formed.  Even with the joy of being home, finding our place again will take time.

We have been busy, too.  The girls and I have been getting the house ready for K and M to join us.  David has been at Gina’s Place almost everyday. We’ve jumped in to help with several gatherings.  We are enjoying moments with old friends and we’ve made new ones as well.

Still, we are looking for opportunities to learn and serve.  We know there is work to be done and we want to be available to do whatever it is our Father has prepared for us.  There are so many opportunities and we want to make sure that we aren’t just jumping on board or starting something because we desire it. We are seeking Him daily and asking Him to align our steps with His plan.  Would you join us in our petition?

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