A College Town

YenDa is a big university in our town. When we first moved here it was divided into several smaller campuses. The west side of the main campus almost touched the east side of our apartment complex. Now, most of the smaller campuses have moved to the main campus. We are literally surrounded by the university. Our apartment sits in the middle and the university horseshoes around us and they are still building.


(Our apartments are in the red square. We are at the highest point of the university.)

Sitting at my desk, I can see one of the new classroom buildings, a small section of their track/soccer field, and the walled walkway usually filled with students.


We took a walk through the campus and were amazed at all we saw. It is great to have tennis courts, basketball courts, a pool, and soccer fields so close. Of course, finding an empty place to play may be difficult.

My kids love Yenda and think it is their personal play area. It is safer for them to ride their bikes on the paths and roads winding through the university than riding on the roads in town. They have also found some great places to hike and picnic.

wpid-dsc_8991-2011-07-6-20-07.jpg wpid-dsc_8974-2011-07-6-20-07.jpg wpid-dsc_8973-2011-07-6-20-07.jpg
(some of the dorms)

I know most of you are thinking, “Why would anyone be excited about their kids hanging out at a university with all those students around?” First, we don’t live in the states and the culture here is very different (both in safety and expectation). That topic is a whole ‘nother post. Second, we have a tiny connection with some of the students because our restaurant. Our waiters/waitresses are usually students and we have been involved with their English summer programs for a couple of years. But most important of all, it is an amazing opportunity to meet people and develop relationships with them. We’ve discovered we have to be proactive in our work. That means going to where people are. Talking to them and getting involved in their lives.


Looking for great things to happen as more opportunities come our way.


(A close up of our apartments from the university.)

wpid-dsc_8982-2011-07-6-20-07.jpg wpid-dsc_8981-2011-07-6-20-07.jpg

(Still building)
wpid-dsc_8992-2011-07-6-20-07.jpg wpid-dsc_8984-2011-07-6-20-07.jpg

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