A Holiday Picnic

When we think of holidays, we usually think of friends, family, food, and laughter. Celebrating American holidays in a foreign country is no different (just usually heavy on the friends and light on the family).

This year, we went out to the countryside and had a family picnic to celebrate the Fourth of July. It poured down rain several times during the day and suddenly it would stop and be a beautiful, sunny day. Notice the red, white, and blue theme?

Actually, the picnic was Alia’s idea as was the dress. She decided that if anyone wasn’t wearing one of the 3 required colors they should get pinched. I think she’s got her holiday traditions mixed up. But, what can I say, we don’t quite celebrate the way most Americans do.


The girls giggled and laughed the whole time.

wpid-dsc_9056-2011-07-6-18-048.jpg wpid-dsc_9064-2011-07-6-18-048.jpgwpid-dsc_9054-2011-07-6-18-046.jpg wpid-dsc_9068-2011-07-6-18-046.jpg

While we were eating, a shepherd and his herd appeared not far from us. We watched his dogs run back and forth keeping the sheep from straying. He would lead the sheep to a certain area and let them graze for a while. Then they would move on to another place.


We wanted to take some family pictures. We did finally take some great pictures, but it wasn’t easy. The girls we so funny that it was hard to take a picture without someone doing something to someone else. We were all cracking up.

wpid-dsc_9072-2011-07-6-18-044.jpg wpid-dsc_9074-2011-07-6-18-043.jpg

Rachel pretended to be innocent, but her true nature soon comes out.

wpid-dsc_9075-2011-07-6-18-043.jpg wpid-dsc_9076-2011-07-6-18-043.jpg

A close up of the craziness:


Now… time for the real pictures. Alia is known for her antics at picture taking time. The other three usually pose and stay that way. Alia may pose, but at the last possible minute she does something unexpected. She’s 9 and she has done this in every group shot we’ve taken. It makes for some fun and interesting photos, but we’ve gotten used to her spontaneity. The funny thing about this day was the older three were “pulling an Alia.” David and I weren’t sure what the girls would do next.

wpid-dsc_9086-2011-07-6-18-043.jpg wpid-dsc_9089-2011-07-6-18-043.jpg


And the fun begins:

wpid-dsc_9104-2011-07-6-18-043.jpg wpid-dsc_9110-2011-07-6-18-043.jpg

Alia finally settles down and Rachel starts. Cute rabbit ears!


Finally, all hands are down, eyes are open, and smiles are showin’. Now on to pose number two.


And the fun starts all over again. First Alia, then Charis and Rachel.

wpid-dsc_9114-2011-07-6-18-043.jpg wpid-dsc_9116-2011-07-6-18-043.jpg

Then Alia, again!



wpid-dsc_9125-2011-07-6-18-043.jpg wpid-dsc_9127-2011-07-6-18-042.jpg

Of Course we had to take some individual shots as well.


wpid-dsc_9172-2011-07-6-18-041.jpg wpid-dsc_9167-2011-07-6-18-042.jpg


wpid-dsc_9182-2011-07-6-18-042.jpg wpid-dsc_9131-2011-07-6-18-042.jpg


wpid-dsc_9185-2011-07-6-18-042.jpg wpid-dsc_9128-2011-07-6-18-042.jpg


wpid-dsc_9152-2011-07-6-18-042.jpg wpid-dsc_9139-2011-07-6-18-042.jpg

wpid-dsc_9164-2011-07-6-18-042.jpg wpid-dsc_9175-2011-07-6-18-042.jpg
Yes, that is the city of Yanji off in the distance.

wpid-dsc_9043-2011-07-6-18-042.jpg wpid-dsc_9198-2011-07-6-18-042.jpg


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