Adoption Update

Waiting, Still Waiting


But, we are not the only ones waiting…


We are still waiting on the MOWA letter. Sometimes, I have a hard time fighting discouragement. Several families that were on our first trip with us, have already returned for their children. Yes, that can be discouraging.


But then, I think about all the faces I saw. The precious children that are waiting. So many still are in need of someone to love them. Someone who will protect them. Someone who will teach them right from wrong. Someone who will show them the Father’s love no matter how difficult life becomes. Someone willing to lay their idea of the “picture-perfect” family on the altar and gain a real family, full of ups and downs. Someone willing to take the risk and reach out help the fatherless in their affliction. Someone to make a difference. Maybe that someone is you!

Our adoption story is not typical and may cause more discouragement than hope for those thinking about adoption. Please know, most adoptions are not as difficult and do not take as long to complete as ours. We have gone through two countries, two agencies, several referrals, but still we are excited about our adoption.

Yes, there have been moments when I was afraid it would never happen. There have been moments where I was tempted to give up. Fighting discouragement, loss, and general emotional upheaval has NOT been easy. And, we’re not finished yet.

But there has been amazing grace throughout this whole process as well. Pray and financial support from friends, encouragement from the body, unexpected peace when I needed it most.

If any of you are interested in pursuing adoption, I would love to talk with you (via email). The need is greater than ever. So many children are in need of families.

I love the following quote that so many in the adoption world use:

“Adopting a child may not change the world, but the world will change for that child.” – unknown



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