All Around Yanji

I never, ever thought I would be a city girl. The country is in my heart and it is where I love to be. But it is not where my Father has chosen to place our family for the last 18 years. I have to admit, as much as I love the country and still long to live where I can walk right out my door and step on grass, the city is growing on me. I love to sit on our balcony or at my desk and listen to the sounds of the neighborhood in the morning and evening. Children practicing piano in their apartments, dogs barking, grandmothers talking about their neighbors, music floating out from the courtyard, squeaky wheels on old bicycles, the shout of door-to-door salesman calling out their wares, the slap of running feet on the pavement as children race by, the click of high heels as ladies take a stroll, horns blowing to signal another car is in the way, motors running, fireworks …these sounds may not be music to your ears, but they are sounds of home to us.

If my wish to live in the country had been granted, we would have missed so many opportunities. There are people all around us (literally), and we can’t help but bump into them. We are learning to live our life intentionally. Being out and about is more than just being busy. It is meeting people and getting involved in their lives so that maybe we can make a difference.

I know many of you are curious and I want you see some of the sights we see everyday. I may not live in the country, but there are lots of opportunities for me to experience life outside of concrete. I’m only about a 15 to 20 minute bus ride away from my beloved grass and trees! So, even though it isn’t what I would have designed for myself, my Father has blessed me beyond measure and given me much more than I desired.


(A mountain top view of the Yanji)

wpid-dsc_9012-2011-07-10-08-531.jpg wpid-dsc_9268-2011-07-10-08-531.jpg
(We even have ‘wild life.’)


(On a road in Yanji. We might see a 3-wheeled truck/tractor, a bicycle cart, a push cart, or a donkey-pulled cart on any road.)

wpid-dsc_9280-2011-07-10-08-531.jpg wpid-dsc_9278-2011-07-10-08-531.jpg

(Those blue tanks often have food trash from restaurants, yes slop! They recycle it for their animals.)


(David loves the above shot. The motorcycle and car are being washed on the side of a busy highway. “Why not,” is the answer to your question.)


(The locals fish in this river all year round. There is also a riverside park in the warm months. Our kids ice

skate here in the winter.)


(Laundry, anyone? There are no dryers here, so even hangs up their laundry. Most hang it in their homes, but others put up a rope in the courtyards or find trees to hang it on.)


(A hot house with the plastic covering removed for summer.)



(An alley way near our home.)


(Motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles are popular modes of transportation.)

Did I mention, we have a zoo? Well, there are some cages with animals any way.


(My girls like to feed the animals grass.)



(This horse has a military haircut!)


(Meeting people at the zoo.)


(In search of more fun!)

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