Adoption Struggles;Upward Thoughts Needed

We woke up this morning to an email from our agency. I would love to tell you that it was good news. I would love to be able to share that everything is great and we are ready to go pick up our kids. But, that is not the news we received.

We had been hopeful that this week we would receive our missing letter for the court. The letters have been slow, but they are trickling in. Several waiting families had received theirs in the last two weeks.

International adoption can be confusing, but I’ll try my best to summarize what is happening.

The original orphanage that our children were placed in (over a year ago) is under investigation for corruption. Actually, it is closed down until the investigation is completed and the children have been dispersed to other places for the time being. Our children were in that orphanage less than 2 weeks before we learned about them, accepted the referral, and they were moved to Addis Ababa (to the transition home where they should have waited until we brought them home).

Our kids actually moved from the first transition home to another place altogether last November. The new home is the place we visited in April. They have loving nannies, friends, school, good food, medical care, and so much more. I should say, it did provide. We found out this morning that since our kids are originally from an orphanage under investigation and since we have not completed the court process (the one missing letter), they have been moved to another facility. There was nothing our agency could do. The government decreed it and it had to happen.

That’s not all either.

UNICEF is pressuring the government to send all the children (from any orphanage under investigation) back to their original communities and make them unavailable for international adoption. What will happen to them when they get back, no one seems to know.

If a parent is still living and they surrender their parental rights so that their children can be adopted, it is almost always because of their economic situation. It is not like someone going through a tough time in the states. Those come and go. Most of the people in Ethiopia who surrender their children are in a permanent economic crisis.

So. . .

Right now, our kids are once again in a new home. Our agency and the Director of the new facility are hoping that we can still complete our adoption, but they gave us no time frame and no guarantee. We may have to change agencies yet again because the new home the children were placed in isn’t an approved orphanage for our agency.


We know that our Father is still in control. Today has been a day full of tears, questions, but also a day seeking wisdom and peace in the middle of all that is going on around us.

We are so ready to bring K and M home forever, but the road to them seems to have no end.

We really want to ask everyone to pray for K and M. They are no doubt scared and sad about leaving again and every move makes it harder for them to connect and feel secure in a new place. Also, our job of helping them feel a part of our family gets harder each time they are uprooted.

We are hoping to hear some good news when we talk to our agency in a few hours. I’ll keep you posted.

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