I am thankful that we were able to talk to our agency.

I am thankful that our agency is sending someone to visit our kids every other weekend. (The new orphanage is at least 4 hours away, near the kids’ hometown.)

I am thankful that the director at the current orphanage is willing to work with us to complete our adoption without us changing agencies.

I am thankful that our agency is willing to take letters and pictures to our kids for us.

I am thankful that the orphanage now housing my children is clean and safe.

I am thankful that so many have come along side us and are taking this whole matter before the King.

I am thankful for the time David and I have spent fasting and speaking to our Father together because of our adoption.

I am thankful that my Father wants to do great things in, through, and around us, but often He is waiting for us to recognize that He is the One who does it. He waits for us to come to the end of “our” strength, to exhaust “our” resources and truly wait for Him to do something. He wants us to call out to Him as our only resource, our only hope.

I am thankful that He is my Firm Foundation and my Hiding Place as well. I’ve needed both the last few days.

I am thankful for this trial, as hard as it is. It has shown me that I need to rely more on my Father than on man. It is producing both patience and endurance in me. Would I ask for this trouble? No way! I want it to go away, but I know that my heart has changed because of it. David and I have connected through our time spent together seeking, asking, and hoping as we talk to our Father. My heart still aches but through the pain, I see victory on the horizon.

Yes, I am thankful, but I am also still sprawled out before the Throne of my King, begging Him to move in a mighty way. Asking for more strength, asking for courage to continue, asking for Him to fill me, because I can’t handle it on my own.

I am humbled by the many emails and notes I have received from friends around the world. Thank you so much for caring for our family and loving us in such an amazing way.


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