Encouragement from a Child

We’ve been asking and seeking direction and help in several areas of work here. One of the most pressing is deciding what to do with Gina’s Place, our restaurant. Do we want it to be a tool to really have an impact on our city or should we be satisfied with it’s current role and only focus on the work across the river?

In the midst of this discussion, we were approached by a business man who really wants us to relocate (across the street) to a much nicer building and at least twice as big as our current location. The only hold up: we need money to renovate. Every building is left with rough concrete walls until someone wants to buy or rent the space.

We determined that we should do whatever we can to have a big impact on the this culture that surrounds us. We know we have reached our limit at our current location and this opportunity seems amazing. Physically, humanly speaking it is everything we need and want. The rent is affordable, but the cost of renovating is impossible for us at this time. Thankfully, our Father loves to do the impossible.

This morning, one of my girls wrote 2 verses out on our kitchen wall. Both verses dealt with asking and waiting, but the second verse really is the one that caught my attention. Proverbs 16:1 “We can make our own plans, but the Lord gives the right answer.” I’m not sure what translation that is from, but it spoke to my heart. My faithful Friend, my loving Father used the faith of a child to speak clearly to me this morning.

We are at peace. We know that we need to expand to have a greater reach, but we will trust our Father’s long reaching arms take care of the details (when, where, and how) and bring the funding needed to see this project completed.

~ Regina

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