It’s a Go

David went over to talk to the owner of the building that we were considering for Gina’s Place. David’s plan was to let this man know that we wouldn’t be able to rent the building because the needed funds just weren’t available. David returned from that meeting with a big smile on his face.

It seems that we are the business that is meant to be in that space. The building owner wants us there and has agreed to help us. Usually, you pay one year’s rent up front. He is willing to let us pay it in installments, without any interest. Amazing! This gives us more time to raise the needed funds. Most of our team felt that this was a great opportunity, but we just couldn’t see how it could work financially. I’m so thankful that my Father isn’t limited by any amount of money.

We will continue to wait for our Father to provide the rest of the resources, but we are preparing to move ahead. We are really grateful to each of you that has already committed to help financially. Thank you. You have encouraged us.


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