Construction, China Style

What do you do when you need to get a large crane into a tiny space?


They are replacing the roof on the building across from us. We get to sit on our balcony, with our coffee, watching the show. And believe me, it is a great show!



You can tell that this job is outside the boundaries of the states because there is no safety equipment required. One man actually did put a harness on, but eventually disconnected it because it kept getting in the way. The men on the roof were removing the traditional, Asian tiles. The crane lifts the “bucket” load of tile and carries it to the ground. Notice the man in the white shirt (pictured below), he would lean way over the edge and use his arms to signal the crane operator down on the ground.





Yes, those are power lines that are cris-crossing the arm of the crane.




Construction here is definitely not done the same way it is done back home. But, eventually, they get the job done.

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