Shabu-Shabu and Chinese Hotpot are not exactly the same, but most westerners would group them together. We have lots of these places around town and we love to go hang out and eat with friends.


The pot, in the picture above, is divided. The hot and spicy broth is on one side and the medium spice is on the other side. You order your choice of broth and then you order your meats, vegetables, and noodles that you will cook at your table. There’s also a variety of spices and seasoned sauces that you can add as well. The broth continues to cook over a small flame and you just keep adding more ingredients. Don’t worry about using up all the liquid; the waiters will bring more. Usually everyone dips out of the same pot, so you have be thoughtful of what you are adding.


You can also get individual bowls. Then you can fix it just the way you like it.



No matter how it is served, shabu-shabu and Chinese Hotpot are meant to be eaten together with friends.


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