Student Celebration

Within our community we have several families with children. These families are all pretty close knit with one another and with the community. To celebrate some of the students’ academic accomplishments, we gathered to have a special graduation and send-off service.

Some families homeschool, others send their kids to a local international school, and others choose to send their high school aged kids to boarding school. But, this is the first year that we’ve sent kids from our community off to college.


Everyone chipped in and helped prepare for the big event. I was really proud of all the hard work that our kids put into the celebration. Several helped with music, others help decorate, and others helped prepare the food. When it was all said and done, everyone chipped in to help with the clean up.

We definitely don’t have a perfect community, but I am so blessed to a part of this wonderful body of believers.

Charis and Yehna start the service off with a song.

CounterClockwise leads the audience in music.


Charis, Torie, and Christian chose a song to sing with the audience and they are sharing why they chose their song.

Alia helps out with the power point.

A Capella Quartet

Some of our special friends



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