Tae Kwon Do

To some people, Asia equals martial arts. Japan has Karate, China has Kung-fu, and Korea has Tae kwon do. While Asia shouldn’t be defined by just these disciplines, they are an amazing aspect of the culture.


Alia started taking Tae kwon do in August. She just took her first test and moved up to a yellow belt. That was an experience not to forget. About 100 kids in a small space for over two hours, glad it isn’t a weekly experience. The kids move through the belts up to a red/black belt pretty quickly, but they can’t get a black belt until they are 14. Then there are years in between each black belt level.


We wanted Alia to do something that would involve her in the local community and she needed the physical outlet. I’ve been amazed at her flexibility. The girl who couldn’t touch the floor without bending her knees (a lot) is now close to doing the splits. Poor thing was pretty uncoordinated before starting TKD, but she’s figured out jumping jacks (which is quite a skill) and she is able to do amazing kicks without falling over (another great accomplishment).



Some of the more experienced red/black belts did a demonstration at the testing. It was pretty cool. Those kids were moving so quickly, jumping and breaking boards. By far the best demo was done by the instructors, though. They oohed and awed everyone there. It was the only time that the room was silent the entire 2 hours.



Alia was so proud of her new yellow belt.


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