A Few Reasons Why I Love Homeschooling

1. Parent-Teacher conferences are easy to arrange, there’s very little disagreement involved, and it often includes quiet time at my favorite coffee         shop.

  1. 2. With a little creativity, anything can turn into learning experience, especially if journaling is involved.
  1. 3. All those unexpected, life moments that pop up during the day (like no water, no electricity, plumbing issues, and needs that arise suddenly within our community) let me see my kids in action and gives me opportunity to interject truth at critical moments, if needed.
  1. 4. The bright look in their eyes and the excitement on their faces when they finally “get” a difficult concept, makes my heart glad.

5. I am learning right along with my kids. Apparently, there is a lot I missed the first time around!

  1. 6. Life is a great teacher. Anything that can be experienced doesn’t need to be taught in a textbook. Gardening, owning pets, working in a restaurant, teaching in an orphanage are all amazing real life teaching scenarios.
  1. 7. My kids can spend time studying and pursuing their interest. Writing books, writing music, art, photography, cooking, foreign language, and design don’t have to be just hobbies.
  1. 8. We can homeschool anywhere and anytime, if necessary. On trips to the states we school in the car more than out of it.
  1. 9. We don’t have “snow days,” unless we want them. But we do have, “____ just came from the states and wants to spend time with you” days (and several others that would take up way too much space).

10. We’ve become students of great literature. Reading together as a family is a highlight of our day. Yes, my high schoolers still love this part of the day. Now, my kids are reading to each other as well. (High schooler to middle schooler, middle schooler to elementary, elementary to mom – and it is all voluntary.)

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