Back to school I go. . .

Two weeks ago, R, T, C, and I went back to school, language school. Language study is important to the work we do here and I am thankful for the opportunity to learn. Two hours a day, four days a week is a great schedule, but it has made homeschooling a challenge.

Alia completes most of her work in the mornings with Dad. Two days a week she goes with David to Gina’s and sets up her “office” at “her” table. She thinks it is really cool that she gets to do school at the restaurant.

We are usually back at home by 11:30, have an early lunch, and then start school. In the past, afternoons were always a struggle so I was not looking forward to this new schedule. Actually, after spending the school year in the states and on the road last year, I was looking forward to returning to a somewhat normal school life. I guess this will be the norm for this semester.

I have been amazed at my girls, they’ve been willing to work hard to get finished with school by 3 pm. Sure, we don’t do a traditional list of subjects and occasionally, they are doing school in the evenings at the restaurant, but they are getting it done.

The girls seem to be much better at adjusting to all the change than their mom. Maybe, I just need to release my expectations for this year. Or maybe, I need to stop second-guessing education decisions. Or maybe, I just need to trust that this is the right path for schooling this year. I’m learning to enjoy this new place that I am in. I’m learning, once again, to trust that my Father’s way is better than mine. I am learning that my personal preference (and comfort) isn’t always the best plan, but I know that His plan is never lacking.

I am thankful for so many of you who continually take me (and my family) before His throne. In Him alone, we find peace and strength to live the life we’ve been called to live.


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