The List

David left Tuesday night (October 4th) to head to LA for one week to take care of visas. Since he was headed for the states anyway, we made a list of goodies for him to bring back. And yes, the list keeps growing.

Since Rachel and Torie are out of town as well, they sent their request via fb and email. iphone, ipod touch, macbook pro. . .Sorry girls, not going to happen. They figured if they asked for something outrageous first, they would have no problem with the next request. Hot tamales and Reese’s peanut butter cups. Charis and Alia echoed this request. Ahhh, they are their father’s children. What they didn’t know is that those items were already on their Dad’s list, for himself.

Me? I asked for pecans (and dryer sheets) but I plan to share in the candy, too.

~ Regina

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