Alia’s 10


Becoming a DD (double-digit) has always been a really big deal for our girls. Since Alia was turning 10 and entering DD-hood, we wanted to do something extra special to celebrate. She decided she wanted a pirate party and David put together an awesome “Treasure Hunt” for the kids.


We had 12 kids and 4 helpers all decked out in pirate garb or at least in character. They started out by making the pirate flags and coming up with really cool pirate names like Dirty-clean Bones and some not so piratey names like Captain Sparkle. That was a huge concession for one who wanted to be a princess instead of a pirate.

David made a really cool treasure map, but it was torn into pieces. The kids had to do various pirate training tasks to earn another piece of the treasure map puzzle.


Here’s Alia walking the plank. Its a lot harder than it looks!


One of Alia’s older friends was in charge of the plank walking and the brig. He, Ben, was hilarious and played the part beautifully!

They had to get ready for all the physical aspects of pirate-hood. So there was an obstacle course to aid in their training and they had to compete as a team to get the precious gold pieces. They had to learn things like climbing the rigging and steering the ship.




Of course, you can’t be a pirate without knowing something about sword fighting. Luckily, we found an expert swordsman, Thomas, to teach our pirate wannabes. First he taught them some basic skills, and then they had to demonstrate their knowledge in battle.


wpid-dsc_0522-wm-2011-10-17-10-58.jpg wpid-dsc_0533-wm-2011-10-17-10-58.jpg


They struggled through the forest, fought the dread pirate Tom. Finally they found the treasure and there was a bag of gold for each pirate.



It was a great day! Hard to believe that my baby is now 10 years old. I love you, Alia.

~ Regina

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