A letter to my daughter



There are so many ways that I feel blessed by you and your sisters. You just turned 17. When we asked what you wanted for your birthday, you told us you just wanted to spend time with your family and friends.

We celebrated the day with a fun game of capture the flag in our apartment complex.


Sweet memories with sweet friends.

wpid-dsc_0795-wm-2011-10-24-17-07.jpg wpid-dsc_0745-wm-2011-10-24-17-07.jpg

Being around friends and family (and just people, for that matter) has always energized you. You have a gift for making friends and you know how to make others feel welcomed.

You have loved music from the day you were born. If you were upset, music soothed you. Every night you would ask, “Mommy sing just one more song, please!” So it doesn’t surprise us at all that you’ve chosen music to express yourself on a regular basis. If a day goes by without you playing the guitar or piano, I know something must be wrong.


The songs that you have written show your love for the Father and your depth of knowledge of Him.

It isn’t your sweet personality or your amazing talent that blesses me most, though. It’s your heart. I see an amazing person every time I look at you. I see you struggle with your faith. I see you growing through hardships and the frustrations of life. (Sometimes I’m the cause of those frustrations, I know.) I see the person you are becoming and that person is beautiful!

I am so thankful that your heart is tender and that you long for the things of our Father. I am so thankful for the lessons I have learned by being your mom. I look forward to watching you grow throughout this next year and beyond! I love you, my sweet, sweet Rachel! Happy 17th Birthday!


~ Mom

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