Adoption Update

Last September, we were confident that our kids would soon be home. Yet here we are asking, hoping, pleading that they make it home before Christmas. This is truly the longest, hardest road I have ever traveled and yet I can’t imagine not walking it.



We are still waiting for the MOWA letter. Considering all the political maneuvering going on in E adoption, it will be nothing short of a miracle for us to receive the letter we need. With that letter in hand, we will wait for the US Embassy to clear us to travel to pick up our children.

We’ve read and researched so much during our long wait. I never thought the wait would be like this. I won’t lie. It has been hard!

Don’t agencies generally give you a timeframe? Don’t most people complete their adoption in about 18 months to 2 years? I’ve heard these questions asked so many times and the answer is yes, to both. I don’t know why we are still in the waiting process when others finish up so quickly. I don’t know why K and M were moved so that photos aren’t even available now. There are so many “why” questions that I have asked and others have asked.

I have fallen deep into discouragement multiple times, but in the end, I know my Father’s plan is better than my own. I truly do believe and I trust my Father to do what is best for me and my family. I am only strong because His strength is perfect, not mine. Questions still form in my mind and doubt continuously lurks in the shadows, but I won’t give up. I can’t give up, not when I know that He has called us to walk this way.

I’m still asking questions. What is it You want me to learn? How can these experiences make me better able to minister to the heart of others? How are you showing Your Greatness and Your Love through our adoption? Am I allowing You to change me through this or am I hardening my heart?

I’m so thankful for the many prayers that have been offered for us. Don’t quit. We want to ask you to pray even more. Would you ask our Father to show favor on us and to move in our case? Would you also ask what He might want you to do to help orphans in your own backyard or around the world?

~ Regina

A 2007 estimate by UNICEF indicated there were around 5,000,000 orphans in Ethiopia.

Want to see how many in your area are waiting? Check out this site.

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One Response to Adoption Update

  1. I have asked so many of the same questions myself – for myself and for others. However, I won’t pretend that I know exactly how you feel because I don’t. Your road has been difficult, and I am praying that this part of the journey can end soon and that your family can ALL be together!


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