Fall Fun

We were all invited to a friends house for games and food last weekend.

Dressing up in costumes is always fun. Rachel and Charis entertained all the younger kids (and adults) with their spectacular gun fighting. Torie sat on the couch and popped balloons at just the right time to make everyone think the guns had fired.

The kids played fun games like apple bobbing.


Even the adults were involved in the fun. We had to eat as many of these corn sticks as we could in 2 minutes, without using hands. My girls thought this was hilarious! It was like stuffing styrofoam in your mouth and waiting for it to dissolve.

Super ‘E’ (stands for Electria) brought home way too much candy.

Don’t be fooled ‘Little Miss Prairie’ (aka Torie) just looks innocent.

Looks like the ‘Sister Bandits’ (aka Rachel and Charis) are up to no good again. Are they sweet talking that little girl into surrendering her stickers?


It was a really fun night. I am thankful for the friends our Father has placed in our life.

~ Regina

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