Snow Day


We woke up to snow. It just kept falling and falling. First I asked the question, then the girls asked, “Can we have a snow day today?” (aka a day with no school). But, we live in NE Asia where snow doesn’t seem to hinder the comings and goings of people. We bundled up and set off for language classes. I only fell once going down the hill to catch a taxi.

I never thought of a bicycle being a worthy snow vehicle until now. All the bicycles had riders on them while several cars and motorcycles were being pushed.


The tenants are responsible for clearing not only the sidewalks but the street in front of their businesses, but only to the middle of the street. On our drive to school, we see groups of people shoveling snow on the busy six lane roads downtown. I am always nervous about the pedestrian-near-misses that take place under normal conditions. Add to that slippery roads and it could be disastrous, good thing traffic was moving so slowly.



Many of the women are wearing high-heeled boots and some of the men have on dress shoes as they work to clear the streets.




Chefs and waiters from a corner restaurant were in their uniforms clearing an intersection. College students were put to work on sections of the road where there were no others to work. Teachers and students surrounded the elementary school clearing roads. This is a what a snow day means to the locals.


~ Regina

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