Death Can Lead to Hope

The news traveled quickly through our community. The man 25 million people called “Dear Leader” was dead.

This next year was to be one of the biggest in the country’s short history. The whole year was to be a celebration. 100 years since the “Great Leader” was born and the 70th birthday of the “Dear Leader.” Then, the devastating news that “he” was dead. And yes, it is truly devastating news to the people who live there. They really loved their leader.

Many of us are left wondering, “What now?” What will tomorrow bring for this country that has for been closed to anything outside the leaders will? What change will come as a result of this man’s death? Will hope or helplessness emerge? There is a chance for both. Will those who were once persecuted for their faith rise up and proclaim the Truth? Will rival groups fight to control the leader’s heir? What is our role in all of this? Are we ready?

A good friend who lived inside for many years with his parents wrote this.

We have been asking for our Father to strengthen believers inside and to give them boldness to stand. Is this the time? I hope so. I hope those who have seen only darkness will be begin to seek Light. I hope the spark grows to a flame and the flame turns to raging inferno. I hope we can offer comfort to those who mourn and are full of sorrow because the only life they have ever known, the only leader in their lifetime (good or bad) is gone. I hope to see great and mighty works begin and spread across the country. We hope together and we pray for our Father to move and move mightily in this nation.

Some may say that this nation and it’s leaders deserve every bad thing that happens to them because they made themselves “the enemy.” I say we all were once “the enemies” of God and none of us deserve His grace, His forgiveness. But, through His Son and because of His great mercy, He calls us “friends.” If my Father can do that for me, how can I not do that for someone else?

This nation will change. It could close up tighter and have battles and wars within. Despair may grip the nation and thousands could perish as a result. Or, hope could spring forth. Slight and almost invisible at first, but it could grow and open the hearts and eyes of the people. Thousands could be saved. What future would you prefer?

Would you please join us and ask for hope to come to this nation, to these people.

~ Regina

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One Response to Death Can Lead to Hope

  1. daeyon says:

    Can’t agree with this more.. Keenly written! My heart jumped reading this because it represents how insiders feel. Thank you so much coz it’s such a voice that is scarcely heard! Im wholeheartedly with you that, much like your blog title, we are ‘choosing’ hope now.


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