Be Still

Sometimes, I feel like communication with our adoption agency and Ethiopian officials is completely one-sided. We write, we call, but there is no news. Nothing. It is as if they have been snowbound for 6 months and can’t get word to us.

It frustrates me. It discourages me. I want to know what is going on. I am desperate for news. I’m waiting for the snowplow to clear a path so communication can start again.

I can feel the turmoil growing inside of me. I plead with my Father to intervene and I hear a voice saying, “Be still!” But, the voice isn’t speaking to me. It is speaking to the storm that threatens to overturn my frail little boat; the one I was confident would carry me safely across all the rough waters. Even though it was built with wisdom and care, it would have sunk except for the Voice.

Peace and stillness overwhelm me.


Then my Father speaks to me, “How is it that you have no faith? I have not abandoned you. I have not forgotten you. I am still here. Trust me to do a great work.”

My circumstances didn’t changed, but my heart did.

So today, I am practicing the art of being still, in my heart and in my thoughts, and knowing that He is God. My prayer is still for Him to intervene quickly, but I am at peace knowing that His ways are better than mine.

~ Regina

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One Response to Be Still

  1. Prayers for your continued peace and that the Lord would use this to glorify Himself as He works in your life and heart. He loves those children so much and will not forsake you or them. His ways are so good. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.


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