A Cold and Blustery Day

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of extremely cold weather. I love nippy fall days and cool spring breezes, but the cold here can sometimes be ridiculous. Since we’ve lived here 6+ years, I’ve learned how to dress warm enough to stay outside and actually enjoy it. Some days, I’d still rather be inside with a nice hot cup of coffee but then again I have those cravings all throughout the year.

The Chinese New Year is such a big holiday and many businesses shut down for a week of celebration. We decided to join in so we bundled up and headed outside to the river to play.



There were several rinks set up on the river. One was only for ice-skating and another was for bicycles and chairs. Yep, you read that right. I watched as the wheels on the bikes spun trying to find traction on the smooth ice. The chairs moved by pulling/sliding along with the help of poles.




There was even a bicycle built for two.


Every year there is an ice slide. You sit on a tiny wooden sled with blades underneath as you zip down the ice.





We saw so many people outside. Young and old and everyone in between. Hard to believe the high for the day was 7 F, add in the windchill it was much colder. Ice skating, cycling, small ATVs, dune buggies, and more were set up on the river for people to enjoy.


We finally found what we were looking for. Tubing!


You have one hour to go up and down as many times as you like. David and I were taking pictures and video and after watching the girls for 10 minutes we were ready to call it quits. I was so cold just standing there watching. I kept looking around for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, but there was nothing to be had. The girls were fine. They were hiking up the steep man-made hill with the tubes so they were getting a workout and having a blast.







wpid-dsc_1819-wm-2012-01-25-08-53.jpg wpid-dsc_1820-wm-2012-01-25-08-53.jpg

When we left the river, we were all tired and cold. We were ready to get home. There were visions of hot chocolate floating through our heads. It really was a great day and I look forward to doing it again, soon.

~ Regina

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