What’s Happening with your Adoption?

This week, our agency director is in Ethiopia. She is looking into our case and trying to get some answers for us. We are looking forward to hearing from her soon. Please pray that our case will be looked on with favor by the Southern region reps, the MOWA officials, and the judge. Since our kids were moved back to the Southern region, they are trying hard to stay in control of what happens to the children in their care. A lot of power struggles are taking place. MOWA (Ministry of Women’s Affairs) and the judge don’t want to make too many waves, so the plan has been to “wait it out.” Our agency’s Ethiopian rep has been in discussions with the judge, but no word yet on how it is progressing.

(Taken at Layla, April 2011) Morning exercise and songs

We are waiting and praying expectantly.

~ Regina

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