So…I married a drummer boy

David and I met in college. Actually, I met him on the very first day of band camp. I was in the Color Guard and David in the drum line. According to David, I played the flag. We had to be at band camp earlier than the other band members, so it was natural that the “flags” hung out with the drummers. There was no one else around. While I would hardly call it love at first sight, we did start dating the first semester of my freshman year.

Somehow we ended up sitting next to each other at a Steven Curtis Chapman concert that ushered in the semester. At that concert, my eyes were opened, just a little, to the world of drummers. I had seen air bands and had my share of flawless performances as lead guitar, but this was different. He drummed, not with crazy out-landish motions, but with the precision of one that knows what he’s doing.

David seemed to always have a song in his head and his fingers drummed it out. The steering wheel, the table, my hand. It was constant, in a really cute kind of way, of course. We would be walking through campus holding hands and I’d feel a gentle rat-a-tat-tat on my hand. The first time I asked him what song was playing in his head, he looked at me shocked. Most of the time he wasn’t even aware that he was drumming. It was just a natural part of him. If his hands were busy, his feet drummed, and even occasionally his teeth, imperceptible to most.

This summer, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary, and yes, He still drums. And yes, I still think it is really cute…when it happens during daylight hours. ☺

Last week, I had one of those nights when I could not fall asleep. I tossed and turned and just as I dozed off, I felt it. A rhythm played out so consistently that I knew the love of my life had a song floating around in his head as he slept. His fingers and toes drummed out a beat that at first seemed irritatingly similar to a leaky faucet. My first thought, “Drumming now? Arrgghhh, You’ve got to be kidding!”

But, a strange thing happened. As I lay there, my mind and body began to relax and I felt myself being lulled to sleep. The drumming continued but it was comforting, familiar. At that moment, I felt that perfect mix of love and contentment. The kind that has taken nearly 20 years to build. The kind that gained strength as we walked through deep pits together. The kind that found grace as we learned to surrender to one another. The kind that brought peace when forgiveness was offered.

And my last thought before I drifted off was, “Thank you, God, for giving me a drummer boy.”

~ Regina

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