Spring Fever

There are still clumps of snow on the ground, but the temperature has been above freezing for 3 days straight. Spring is coming! But the weather isn’t the only sign.

Unmeasurable silliness (or maybe giddiness is a better word) has been coursing through our house for weeks. David and I have been caught off-guard more than once as strange behavior, words, and songs seem to appear spontaneously all around us. And when the feeling hits one girl, it seems to spread faster than fire to the other three. It is contagious and it grows exponentially. So by the time the 4th girl has been infected, I’m ready to shoo them all out of the house just to keep from sensory overload.

Then, at other times…

The smallest little infraction will throw the girls into serious attitude mode. Luckily, this flip side spreads more slowly, but it does spread.

As the mom of three teenage girls (and one 10 year old who thinks she’s a teen), I recognize the behavior as much more than the common ups and downs of the teen roller-coaster. On a regular basis, we experience the sudden rise of drop in emotion, but trust me. This is extreme, even for teenagers.

I have to confess, I’m not immune. Energy and excitement that seemed dormant for months has sprouted and is growing. I can feel it. Looking back I see I’ve redirected that energy into work. At home, I’ve been cleaning and resurrecting projects that should have been completed months ago. At Gina’s, I’m learning some new things (like baking bread) and training new kitchen staff.

Maybe I’m just a little on the slow side, but I couldn’t figure out the reason for this build-up of energy. It was easy to dismiss the idea of “Spring Fever” because it was still freezing outside and patches of snow and ice still lay scattered on the ground. Isn’t it the warmth that creates that restless feeling inside of us and makes us long to be outside?

I think all of us long for and hope for the coming of spring. I’m convinced it is a part of how we were created. Here in NE China, we don’t have the strong evidence of spring, (warm weather, flowers blooming) that I grew up seeing. But still, we know it is coming.

Really, for us, the first and biggest sign is longer days. In the midst of winter, the sun goes down at 3:30 pm. Yes, you read that right. (During the summer, the sun is up at 3:30am.) The light does something to us. It brings excitement and life.

So now that I’ve figured out the cause of the craziness which has overtaken our home, I can prescribe the only cure I know. Send everyone outside. Oh, this is going to be fun!

~ Regina

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