Sweet and Thoughtful, for the most part

Apparently, there is a nasty virus flying around that leaves it victims feeling like their head is about to explode. I spent most of the day lying in bed with my eyes closed because even the smallest amount of light increased the pain. I must have looked as terrible as I felt because I received the most amazing care from my girls.

There were several activities at Gina’s that we were supposed to be involved in, but I knew I wouldn’t make it. My girls were a little concerned about leaving me alone. And because we have dogs, they were even more worried about me trying to take care of the dogs while they were gone. So much so, that Torie made a trip back home just to make sure I was ok and to take care of our 4-legged friends.

Before the girls left, they gave me a couple of sweet notes. Alia added a poem to her “get well” note. I thought I would add it here for your enjoyment.


Gotta love that girl! She told me that she had to cut the poem short because she ran out of room on the paper. LOL! I haven’t figured out what or who she is referring to when she says ‘Mothers can be nasty.’ When I asked her about it, she just said, “Well, I said you are still sweet in your own way.”

~ Regina

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