Fake Precipitation

Today is April 5, the Thursday before Easter. It is snowing. Really snowing. 5 to 6 inches covering the ground and it is still coming down. In the winter, snow lifts my spirits and almost seems magical. It may be beautiful, but spring snow leaves me feeling anxious and impatient for warm, sunny days. And now I hear rumors from the locals that this snow is man-made. Really?

Is it scientifically possible to create rain and snow over vast amounts of land or is it more likely that officials want their people to believe the government is the great benefactor. Honestly, as I heard the reports, I tended to think that the second option was closer to the truth. I decided to do some research.

What I found shocked me. China really does manipulate the weather. As far back as 2004, China has been experimenting with man-made weather. Since then, they have stepped up their plan. http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/cndy/2011-12/09/content_14236576.htm Our province, Jilin, was used as a test area the last two years.

Questions abound. What kind of chemicals have been raining down on us? Yikes! What are the long-term implications of changing local weather patterns? The benefits seem to outweigh the risks. More water is available in drought prone areas and cooling rains can end heat waves and keep energy prices low. What more could anyone want?

The fake precipitation program has set the government up for a big win. The people not only have water, and therefore good crops, but they also now have proof that the government really can meet all their needs.

~ Regina

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