Moving Ahead – Adoption related

From speed bumps to brick walls, our road to adoption has it all. Sometimes, though, what seems to be a dead end is actually a tunnel that leads to a wide open highway.

We were sitting at a dead end, unsure what to do next. Our agency had given us little hope that we will be able to complete our adoption of K and M. They suggested that we consider another referral (begin the adoption process for other children). Neither David nor I wanted to stop the process with K and M. And so, we waited.

Sitting, waiting at a dead end gave us time to search and pray. The road we that opened up to us wasn’t the one we were expecting.

The wait for K and M may be very long but we are willing to wait. If the southern regions of Ethiopia frees their case, we will be waiting.

The unexpected part? While we wait, we will be pursuing the adoption of another little girl from Ethiopia. The paperwork is being translated now and should be ready soon.

I don’t know why we have faced delays. But if we hadn’t come to a screeching halt at what we thought was a dead end, we would not be pursuing the adoption of H.

I don’t know what the future holds. Hopefully, we will soon be the parents of 3 beautiful children from Ethiopia. As we continue the fight for K and M and start the wait for H, I am thankful that my Father continually showers me with His lovingkindness.

The road ahead may not be easy but my Father is an excellent driver.


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2 Responses to Moving Ahead – Adoption related

  1. Regina, This is marvelous news! I continue to pray that God would reveal his perfect plan for your family. Angie


  2. Still praying about this Regina….can’t wait to see what our Father has in store! I KNOW it will be more than you ever imagined! Hugs! Trina


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