Children’s Day

June 1st is Children’s Day here in China. Parents and grandparents buy toys, go the park (the kind with rides and games you might find at a fair or midway), buy balloons, and generally just spend the day, not to mention money, doting on children.

wpid-dsc_3055-wm-2012-06-2-07-30.jpg wpid-dsc_3058-wm-2012-06-2-07-30.jpg

Since Alia was visiting a friend on the other side of the park, I had the wonderful idea of grabbing to-go lunch at Gina’s and walking through the park, just to see what was happening. I remember now why we usually avoid public places during local holidays. The park was crowded. And not just with kids. Teenagers, college students, grandparents everyone seemed to want to be where the action was taking place. Here’s a little peek at what we saw.

wpid-dsc_3074-wm-2012-06-2-07-30.jpg wpid-dsc_3091-wm-2012-06-2-07-30.jpg

wpid-dsc_3078-wm-2012-06-2-07-30.jpg wpid-dsc_3086-wm-2012-06-2-07-30.jpg wpid-dsc_3090-wm-2012-06-2-07-30.jpgwpid-dsc_3075-wm-2012-06-2-07-30.jpg wpid-dsc_3082-wm-2012-06-2-07-30.jpg

wpid-dsc_3085-wm-2012-06-2-07-30.jpg wpid-dsc_3095-wm-2012-06-2-07-30.jpg wpid-dsc_3071-wm-2012-06-2-07-30.jpg

~ Regina

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2 Responses to Children’s Day

  1. misscfbf says:

    I have great memories of when we adopted Eli. We received her on May 30th in Nanchang, JiangXi and were the only family in our travel group. Our guide was telling us about Children’s Day and how basically nothing is open that day. He then invited us to a celebration/party put on by one of the banks for the employees. We were taken by bus out to what was essentially a country club. The place used to be one of Chairman Mao’s vacation estates.

    We first had a light snack of fruit while the activities were being explained and James was translating for us. This was when we discovered lychee fruit. We were floored to discover that something that looks like a sweet gum ball could taste so yummy! There were gifts galore, fun team building games for both his and adults, a driving range to hit a few golf balls…they actually thought I was good. HA! A large lunch was served and there were team awards at the end. We received a silk comforter.

    It was such an amazing celebration – all for the children and helping the adults interact with them. Celebrating Children’s Day is one of our favorite memories of our journey. Thanks for sharing the pics.
    Chris K


    • Choosingjoynow says:

      We used to laugh and say, “Isn’t everyday Children’s Day?” It is nice that kids who are in school 6 days a week, and often in tutoring in the time away from school, get a day set aside just for play. Some businesses close, but that is not as common as it was seven years ago when we first arrived in Yanji. I love that you were able to experience such a fun part of Chinese culture. And you are right about lychee…YUMMY!
      ~ Regina


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